What is VESSL Run?

VESSL Run is a unified YAML interface for training, fine-tuning, and scaling machine learning models. Run simplifies the complex compute backends and system details required to run open-source models into an intuitive YAML definition.


Key features

  • Unified YAML interface: for training and scaling any models.
  • Powerful VESSL CLI/SDK: Train the latest open-source models in seconds with vessl run.
  • Intuitive Web Console: Create a run on the web and keep track of the results on the dashboard.
  • Complete Model Reproducibility: Run models without worrying about ML-specific peripherals like GPUs, CUDA configurations, and Python dependencies.

How it works

  • Each YAML file defines a run spec for a model.
  • In essence, with every vessl run, you are launching a Kubernetes pod configured for ML.
  • Our custom Docker Images provide run-proof, dockerized versions of popular models on GitHub.

Get started

Get started with 5 hours of free high-performance GPUs by signing up at https://vessl.ai/run